“Spring Educational Society” derneğimiz bu Pazar (12.06.2022) saat 20:00’de “İngiltere’deki Kariyerinizde Yenilik Zamanı” başlıklı online zoom semineri düzenliyor.

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Zoom Meeting ID: 661 356 7628 Passcode: 123

Programın ayrıntılarını öğrenmek için Spring’in sosyal medya hesaplarını takip edebilirsiniz.


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Ramadan Kareem

May this Ramadan bring health, wealth, and happiness to your life.

Ramadan Mubarak!

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The perfect combination of experiment and Ramadan event

We were all little once, right? We loved to try new things as children, more so.
In our Birmingham Cultural Center, we conducted experiments with our little ones, which got them very excited and kept their curious spirits high. Also, Ramadan is coming up in a short while, so we organized a fun event to get our kids excited about this holy month. We had a great time together!

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Mother Day Fair

We held a fair in our cultural center in Birmingham to wish Mother’s Day. Our children were overjoyed to see their mothers astonished, and our mothers were absolutely delighted by the small celebration their children had planned in their honor ❤️.

“Love is our mother; we are born of love.” —Rumi

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Annual Meeting 2022 / March 6th

Spring Educational Society held its Annual General Meeting on March 6th. We held our annual general meeting (AGM) with our members and employees this year as well. The agenda included discussions about evaluating activities for 2021 and setting goals for 2022. As a result of the presidential election, Ismail Sen was re-elected, and we completed this program.

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Birmingham Semester Break / Year 3/4/5/6 28th of February

February Half Term Break

It’s time to take a break after a very successful semester that our students really enjoyed! The 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th class groups thoroughly enjoyed the free time, which was full of surprises and quality activities that we know they were excited about. We have also rewarded them, because a break wouldn’t be complete without perfect gifts, don’t you agree? 🤭

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Birmingham Semester Break / Reception Year 1/2

Having fun with our little ones during the February break!

Having finished the semester, our students have a week off for their break in February. As well as giving them some gifts for their achievements, we offered them a small celebration at the end of the semester.
During this break, we played fun games and did activities together to make the program as enjoyable as possible. Every little one had so much fun! The smiles on their faces were endless 🤩

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Our evaluation meeting 30th of January

On Sunday 30th, We conducted an evaluation meeting about our courses delivered at our cultural centre. We discussed our children’s achievements so far and developed a plan to encourage them achieve even greater success.

We all work for them 💕

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Basketball Training with Coach Arda

We have some exciting news to share!
Join us for a basketball training held by the Spring Educational Society Family in partnership with Sports England and basketball coach Arda. We look forward to seeing you there!

Registration is needed. Space is limited, sign-up early!
Application area: Rowlatts Hill Leicester

☎️: 075 55457824

Age: 10-15
Training place: Evington Leisure Centre
Time and Date: Every Wednesday 6:00-8:00 pm

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