Education Seminar 2

Birmingham ve Leicester Merkezli “Spring Educational Society” derneğimizin İngiltere’ye yeni gelenlerin hayata entegrasyonları için hazırladığı seminerler dizisinde bu hafta “İngiltere’deki Eğitim Sisteminde SINAVLAR” konu ediliyor.


  • 11+, GCSE ve A Level Sınavları
  • Sınavlar için Ders Seçiminde Nelere Dikkat Etmek Gerekir
  • Üniversiteye Geçiş İçin Yapılması Gerekenler
  • Sınava Hazılanan Çocuklara Nasıl Destek Olunabilir

başlıkları ele alınacak.

05 Haziran 2022 Pazar akşamı saat 8:00’de gerçekleştirilecek olan

Seminerin Linki:

Zoom Meeting ID: 661 356 7628          Passcode: 123

Programın ayrıntılarını öğrenmek için Spring’in sosyal medya hesaplarını takip edebilirsiniz.






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Integration Into The Uk Life

Spring Educational Society has begun preparing seminar programs for the integration of newcomers to the UK.
There will be seminars starting on May 29 and taking place at 8 p.m. on Sunday evenings;
The seminars will cover subjects ranging from how to make the right use of England’s education system, to how to prepare for a driver’s license exam. In addition, it will cover what to consider in a contract when renting a house without registering with the NHS.
For more information about the follow our social media accounts.
Seminer Link :


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İngiltere Hayatına Entegrasyon

Derneğimizin İngiltere ’ye yeni gelenlerin hayata entegrasyonu için hazırladığı seminer programları başlıyor.

29 Mayıs’ta başlayacak ve Pazar akşamları saat 8’de gerçekleşecek seminerlerde;
İngiltere’nin eğitim sisteminden en iyi şekilde nasıl faydalanacağımızdan ehliyet sınavında dikkat edilecek hususlara, NHS sistemine kayıt olmadan, ev kiralarken sözleşmede dikkat edilecek maddelere kadar bir çok konu uzmanlar tarafından anlatılacak.

Programların ayrıntılarını öğrenmek için Spring’in sosyal medya hesaplarını takip edebilirsiniz.
Seminer Link :
#springeducationalsociety #seminar

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Celebrating the special holy month together

The month we’ve all been wanting has arrived. Our children worked together to create all of the Ramadan decorations. We had a lovely time celebrating the Sacred Night with our darling students on the first day of this holy month. They prayed together at their professors’ home and created special Ramadan ornaments. They prayed and said salawat as a group after eating together (prayer). ❤️

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Happy mother’s day

We held a fair in our cultural center in Birmingham to wish Mother’s Day. All of our children’s efforts for their mothers were displayed in every area of the center. Our tiny buddies had decorated the entire living room with their hearts full of excitement, thus it was a day when they were overjoyed!

Our mothers were absolutely delighted by the small celebration their children had planned in their honor ❤️.

“Love is our mother; we are born of love.” —Rumi

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Ramadan in the corner

We couldn’t say no to the professor’s invitation, so we gathered our second-year students and drove to our teacher’s residence. They completed some exercises as a group, then prepared and ate wraps together, as well as making decorations for Ramadan corners. Finally, they did salawat, prayed together, and recited tasbih.

It was a day when we stuffed our tummies to the brim.

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February Half Term Break

It’s time to take a break after a very successful semester that our students enjoyed a lot!

The groups of 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th took full advantage of this free time full of surprises and quality activities which we know they were enthusiastic about. We also rewarded them, because a break would not be complete without perfect gifts, right?

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Annual Meeting 2022

Spring Educational Society held its Annual General Meeting on March 6th. We held our annual general meeting (AGM) with our members and employees this year as well. The agenda included discussions about evaluating activities for 2021 and setting goals for 2022. As a result of the presidential election, Ismail Sen was re-elected, and we completed this program.

The meeting’s main topics included:

Increasing the number of our employees;

Increasing our monthly donations;

Studying methods to increase female membership;

And expanding our research on social media and grants.

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Seminar on Child and Adolescent Health

Our Cultural Center hosted a seminar on child and adolescent psychology on Thursday, March 24.  The families gained a lot of knowledge from this seminar, which was quite informative; they were able to ask any questions that they had in order to gain a better understanding.

💕The goal of our seminar was to better understand adolescent psychology and provide families with appropriate information.

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Community Iftar: Understanding the Other: Prospects of Dialogue and Tolerance in a Turbulent Age

Event Date: 22nd May 2019
Organiser: Dialogue Society Leicester Branch & Spring Education Society

Dialogue Society Leicester Branch organised a community iftar dinner under the theme of “Understanding the Other: Prospects of Dialogue and Tolerance in a Turbulent Age”.

Batool Al-Toma, Director of the New Muslims Project Rev. Leigh Greenwood, Minister at Stoneygate Baptist Church Prof Paul Weller, Research Fellow in Religion and Society, Regent’s Park College, University of Oxford and Professor in the Centre for Trust, Peace and Social Relations, Coventry University Amrin Razal, Humanitarian Aid worker with the Syrian Refugees / Poet / Radio Presenter Miriam Levene, Member of Neve Shalom, Leicester Resham Singh Sandhu, Chairman of Sikh Welfare & Cultural Society, UK & British Sikh Society Advisor

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